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Dr. Arne Sieber

Assoc. Prof.  for Biomedical Sensor Technologies,  Outdoor Enthusiast, Diver

My Life Dedicated To

Breathing  Technology

Since I was a child, I love diving. I have been diving in many places in the world. 

However, I was never satisfied with underwater breathing systems that were on the market. For me, breathing equipment currently on the market is too large, heavy, cumbersome and many of them not safe enaugh.

My expertise in biomedical engineering and physiology helps me to invent and design innovative sensor solutions and based on that  new type of life support equipment.




Oxygen Sensor Validation

Invention and prototyping of the oxygen sensor validation system now used in the Poseidon rebreathers. 


Research on innovative Oxygen Sensors

EU-FP7 Marie Curie IEF project Lifeloop, adressing R&D of innovative gas sensing technologies for closed circuit breathing systems. 


Near Eye Dive Computers

Invention and launch of the SEABEAR HUDC, the worldwide first mouthpiece mounted dive computer.


Solid state O2 sensors for rebreathers

R&D of the worldwide first solid state fluorescence O2 sensors for use in a closed circuit rebreather.


Wrist watch dive computer with color screen

Successful launch of the SEABEAR H3, the worldwide first watch-size dive computer with a color screen. 


Mask Mounted Dive Computer

Invention of a wheel operated mask mounted dive computer


Acquisition of SEABEAR GmbH 

SEABEAR GmbH gets acquired by Johnson Outdoors and I am manager for R&D of dive computers for Scubapro.


Founding of Oxygen Scientific

Oxygen Scientific GmbH is founded and an AWS PreSEED startup fund is granted for R&D of the GREENFLASH O2 sensor.



Scientific Papers

​More than 50 scientific journal publications and 150 pubcontributions to scientific conferences, among those:

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